* lyrics and soundbyte

From Avalon
Words and Music by Margie Adam

Avalon – from the mist you call to me
Avalon – just beyond where I can see
Looking out my window can this be a visitation
In my deepest longing such a tender revelation

Avalon – every seeker will be shown
Avalon – as you make your presence known
In an ancient rhythm I can hear an earthbeat drumming
In my deepest longing I can hear my heartbeat thrumming

In the darkest shadows a memory of this place
Stands in utter stillness whispering your grace
Here is the stubborn flower growing up through stone
Here is the power within us calling…
Calling us home

Avalon – may we find our way to you
Avalon – there’s a winding path in view
In this sacred circle I can hear our heartbeats talking
In our deepest longing the labyrinth is where we’re walking
Avalon… Avalon.

© Labyris Music Co. 2001 ASCAP

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