Best of Margie Adam, Special Edition, Remastered with Bonus Track

This recording includes music from Margie’s first four albums: Margie Adam. Songwriter.,
Naked Keys,We Shall Go Forth! and Here Is A Love Song.

Musical notes graphic Best Friend (The Unicorn Song) 4:17  
Beautiful Soul 3:45  
Musical notes graphic Would You Like To Tapdance On The Moon? 3:48  
  Images 3:14
Sleazy 4:30  
Sweet Friend – Live 2:51  
Musical notes graphic Tender Lady 4:15  
Who Among Us? 5:11  
Musical notes graphic We Shall Go Forth!* 4:13
Musical notes graphic Waves (piano) 2:10  
Woodland (piano) 4:11  
Melo (piano) 3:22  
Musical notes graphic Naked Keys* (piano) 3:39  
You Take My Breath Away 5:02  
Musical notes graphic Consequences 3:38  
Time I Spent 2:38  
Musical notes graphic Thirty Days Notice 3:22  
Here Is A Love Song* 5:36  
Musical notes graphic Sweet Friend
Bonus Track from (Songwriter)


The Best of Margie Adam album cover

Graphic Design: Leslie Speer; Photography: Lynda Koolish

One fan says,
“There’s something about the clarity and lightness of the new recording and her voice which is just wonderful. It’s like she’s right here with me in that playful, engaging sparkly Margie way – right next to me. It really is the Best of Margie. It really takes me back and forward and all around my history with women’s music and women – it’s just wonderful.”

Producer: Margie Adam; Remastering Engineer: Stephen Hart; Graphic Design: Leslie Speer; Design Updates: Lucille Design; Photo: Lynda Koolish; Musicians: Margie Adam (vocals, piano, organ, synthesizer, synclavier), Barbara Borden (drums, percussion), Carolyn Brandy (percussion), Barbara Cobb (bass), Meg Christian (vocals, guitar), E. Marcy Dicterow (violin), Jean Fineberg (flute, soprano, tenor saxophones) Kay Gardner (flute), Diane Lindsay (bass), Harriet McCollum (organ), Vicki Randle (vocals, harmonica), Barbara Price (finger cymbals), Ellen Seeling (trumpet, flugelhorn), Michelle Sell (harp), Woody Simmons (tympani), Vivian Stoll (vibraharp), Linda Tillery (drums, congas), Suzanne Vincenza (bass), Cris Williamson (vocals, guitar)