I am also a singer songwriter, retreat leader and writer. Last weekend at a retreat, I distributed tiny hand-held mirrors and played your song “Woman in the Mirror” for the Christian lesbian retreat members so they could look at their facial reflections and get a glimpse of the God in them.
Resa – Michigan

Before I even got the cd I previewed it online, because I couldn’t wait. Hearing your voice, your piano harmonies, the way the accompanying instruments just mesh and sing along with you – it was like coming home. It just all fit within my heart and resonated in me. Of course, I instantly ordered the cd. I like your music, its always good. I like your lyrics, sometime they make me think. But sometimes, on dark lonely stressful nights when I can’t sleep, I fill my cd changer with all your discs and just listen and you help me make it through the night. Thank you for all the hard work you do putting it out there.
Corky – Ohio

I recently purchased Avalon. It is a fantastic cd. Your version of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” is absolutely wonderful–and then to follow it with another beautiful song “Woman Of My Heart”–wow. Avalon is one of this gay man’s new favorites. Thank you for such incredible music.
Ron – New York

Just when we thought listening to you couldn’t get any better, along comes Avalon… Thank you and all of the rest of incredible talented women who made this happen. The work that went into this album comes from the heart and soul. Just listening to it you can tell how much everyone involved poured themselves into the making of pure magic.
Carollee & Donna – Ohio

Avalon has become a permanent fixture in the six slot cd player in my car. Just to show you how much it is played, my children are singing along to “A Woman’s Work is Never Done”…which by the way spurred an interesting dialogue with my six year old daughter the other day. The song was on and she said to me, “Mom, is it true that a woman’s work is never done?” Talk about opening Pandora’s box. It was actually nice, because it provided a nice framework for a real female awareness discussion with her. So thank you!
Stephanie – Pennsylvania

The recording is impossibly beautiful. Your vocals are crystal clear and I can’t even talk about the music–particularly the “Avalon” instrumental. I blare it through my speakers.
Jennifer – New York

So . . . I was in the office doing some work. I have your cd on with Fourplay, Bocelli and something else. A song came on that stopped me on a dime and I just wanted to tell you – once again – you have touched my heart. The song? “Woman of My Heart.” wonderful! I also want to tell you how much I enjoy the inclusion of the subtle instrumentation on some of the pieces.
Mary – Washington

i just love my new Avalon cd. love how you arranged it. i especially enjoy having the instrumental version wind the cd down. it was a perfect ending to a perfect cd. congratulations!!!
Judy – Maryland

I hope I speak for many in thanking you again for the gift of your music and your “radical presence.” Listening to Avalon was like being sat down by a fire and wrapped in a healing blanket… I have to admit that I was surprised. I was prepared to hear activist anthems–to be stirred again to be in it for the long haul, be one of the women who dare, etc. I was prepared to hear songs of love and loss that would make me ache… Of course I had registered the differentness of the theme song, with its calming, soul-centered sounds. Those of us who are seekers, who walk labyrinths and who are on a spiritual path can now hear more explicitly this part of you.
Linda – Oregon

Thanks for the speedy shipment of the new cd! It’s been playing here for the past 4 hours or so… What a treat to listen to new Margie songs and instrumentals. Such exquisite arrangements! Congratulations on this stunning achievement and thanks to all of you for giving us all this new music to cherish.
Don – Illinois

WOW! I popped the cd in the car and instantly got chills! Then, once I heard “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” the tears poured down my face. So, I am driving down the road blinking to see. I calmed down, and then “A Woman’s Work Is Never Done.” came on. Awesome!!!
Susan – California

i got Avalon this afternoon…i’ve been listening to it non-stop….i love it! i could listen to Avalon forever. for some wonderful reason it makes me cry like a baby. guess i’ll keep listening to it. thank you…from way down inside…
Le – California

We spent two hours driving to the beach this weekend and we listened to Avalon the whole time, over and over. We centered ourselves in a new space, while reclaiming the feminine energy that the recording helped us to find. Oh how we forget when we are driven by life’s unending tasks/demands.
Ellen – Pennsylvania

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