Deceptively simple and simply elegant… This recording pre-dates all of the Windham Hill/New Age emphasis on atmosphere over melody and rhythm.

Musical notes graphic Waves 2:10
  From The Beginning 3:14  
  Resting Place 5:25  
Kensington Swing 3:26  
  For All The Times 3:51  
  Melo 3:22  
  Whimsy Salad 2:50  
  Woodland 2:56  
Musical notes graphic Naked Keys* 3:39  
Chambers Chords 5:31  
  Seahorse 4:10  

Naked Keys Transcriptions
Loose-leaf sheet music (excludes “Kensington Swing”)
Folio @ $20


Naked Keys CD cover

Graphic Design: Bette Duke; Photograhy: Joan Biren

Margie has said,
“I’ve always related to the piano as an orchestra. As an arranger and composer, my work is to find the bass, the string section, the polyrhythms, the melody and descants and bring them together – kind of like a jigsaw puzzle.”

Producer: Barbara Price; Sound Engineer: Susie Foot; Graphic Design: Bette Duke; Photography: Joan Biren