From We Shall Go Forth!
Words and Music by Margie Adam

Listen to the sound of the one in the room
Beyond the room you lie in
He or she is crying
Woman child, man child too
The risks are still the same,
The bounty is the game:
Your Babychild.

Mama and your Babychild
Mama lookin’ for a place to hide
Knowing the cost if you are found
Living in fear they’ll come around
For your Babychild.

Mama will you accept their game?
Or will you take a chance
That they’ll take your baby away
The choices given you are few
The questions posed to humble you
For your Babychild.

Mama will you let them win?
Or will you take your Babychild and start again?
The courts are hoping you will fold
So take the strongest hand to hold
Your Babychild
Sweet Babychild.

© Labyris Music Co. 1976

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