From We Shall Go Forth!
Words and Music by Margie Adam

Letting go of the fear that was a part of me
Feeling the wildness inside the very heart of me
And it’s so fine to be free
And it’s so much to be really me.

People out in the real world
Running fast as they can
Never stopping to wonder
If they’re missing the plan
Moving across the country
Moving across the sea
Running away from feelings
That frighten them as they frighten me…

I’ve been readin’ the papers
I’ve been watchin’ the news
Everything’s in confusion
People singin’ the blues
They are needing some kind of freedom
Needing some kind of peace
Holding themselves in reservation
While I am trying to find release…

Don’t you see that it matters
If we love or we hate
Life is one celebration
We just have to participate
Come along beside me
Come along and be my friend
We can make alterations
By caring for each other and then…

© Labyris Music Co. 1973

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