"Adam has struck a powerful new musical balance, weighing the opposing pull of emotion and intellect."
- Washington Post

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One of the classic recordings in Women's Music... a rousing debut sampler of Margie's diverse impulses as a contemporary musical artist... Includes Margie's whimsical signature song "Best Friend - The Unicorn Song," a defiant statement of self-determination, "I've Got a Fury," the unforgettable "Beautiful Soul" (back-up vocals by Meg, Cris and Vicki!), two pure piano instrumentals and the infamous "Sleazy."

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Producer: Margie Adam; Sound Engineer: Joan Lowe; Graphic Design: Barbara Balch; Photography: Holly Hartman; Musicians: Margie Adam (vocals, piano, organ, synthesizer), Meg Christian (back-up vocals, guitar), Cris Williamson (back-up vocals, guitar), Vicki Randle (back-up vocals, harmonica), Kay Gardner (flute), Linda Tillery (drums, congas), Diane Lindsay (bass), E. Marcy Dicterow (strings), Woody Simmons (tympani), Harriet McCollum (organ), Barbara Price (temple bells).

Best Friend - The Unicorn Song
-   4:14 Beautiful Soul
-   3:42
-   3:10 I've Got a Fury
-   4:16
Lost in Inner Space
-   6:13 After the Drought
-   3:36
Rag Bag
-   2:41 Sleazy
-   4:29
Sweet Friend of Mine
-   2:49 Would You Like To Tapdance On the Moon?
-   3:49

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