Avalon CD coverWe at Pleiades Records feel a sense of connexion to the community of on-line supporters who have been with us since the beginning of The Avalon Project…and before. It is our intention to do what we can to bring Avalon out of the mists. One way to do this is to challenge the cultural gate-keepers in the media (radio, print, tv) and record stores who make it so hard to distribute Women’s Music by blocking access. Here then is a recent Call to Action we sent to all Margie’s supporters.

Borders Action Alert!

Dear Friends and fans of Avalon

alert! I am looking for activists to help us get Avalon past the cultural gatekeepers!

catch-22 We have encountered a nasty Catch-22 in our attempt to place AVALON in Borders Listening Stations. When we applied for one of the “slots” in the Borders Listening Stations rotation, we were told we would first have to demonstrate that the cd would sell in the stores. At the same time, Borders has only ordered one (1!) cd for each of its 120 stores. So fans going to Borders to purchase my cd have likely left empty-handed. If you are one of many who have had this experience, click here to order Avalon.

Our belief is that if we can place Avalon in Listening Stations, many people who would appreciate its music and message will be reached. This is one way we can claim a space for woman-loving music in a sea of sound that so often reflects and reinforces hatred toward women.

Margie Adam sitting at the piano.Borders Action!” I am asking that supporters of Avalon go in or call your local Borders Store to “Special Order” this cd. We anticipate that if a number of us take this action, Borders will be persuaded to order more cds for the stores. If the cds are available, we are confident that fans will demonstrate by their purchases that there is sufficient interest for this influential national chain to give this music play at their Listening Stations.

Point of Clarification We are asking fans to do this “Borders Action” only in towns and cities where there are no women’s or alternative bookstores carrying Women’s Music. I continue to be a steadfast supporter of women’s and alternative bookstores as they have continued to support so many recording artists identified with Women’s Music.

Onward and Outward!

ps – Please let us know of any interesting responses you get to this action. We will post them on-line at margieadam.com.

Activists Respond!

We are pleased to share the first responses we have received from activists to have taken up this Call and are running with it.

What Bovine Effluvia!!
the very idea that I can wander into a Borders and find something as discordant as Alban Berg or re- releases of 40 year old “Fugs” (Ginsberg, rip)…both of which have little or no following and with the exception of the “beat” era of 40 years ago, still do not. It’s disturbing to find some number cruncher that couldn’t recognize worthwhile music over and above the mandated hype-driven market; couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket…never could and never will, yet dictates policy over a resurging musical force. Margie…I’m on it, kiddo!!
Dan “don’t screw with me” Turner – Georgia

I’ll be forwarding your Avalon Action Alert on to the Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus, as well as our local Saugatuck area women’s list. Let’s storm the gates of the patriarchy!
Lin – Michigan

Great idea, and what about Tower? I went in one in Larkspur, asked for the CD (couldn’t find it) and was shown it (and Margie’s other albums) in their computer, but only available by special order. They also have listening stations.
Bev – California

One of Margie’s supporters, Sandy, sent us this copy of an e-mail response from Borders.com to her e-mail request for Avalon

Although the item in question is listed on our site it appears that this title is not stocked by Borders.com.
We will understand if you must go to our competitor. Thank you for shopping at Borders.com and have a nice day!
Best, Eli
Borders.com Customer Service

For more information: info@margieadam.com