Jewelle Gomez, playwright, poet
On Avalon Margie creates sensual, expressive melodies that draw on the mythology that is
part of the fabric of a feminist vision, as well as on her deeply perceptive appreciation of
the ordinary elements that make women fascinating.

Studs Terkel, radio/television commentator
This is music that sticks to your bones.

Chicago Free Press
Avalon is a sophisticated yet gentle, honest yet romantic collection by an enduring artist.

The Boston Globe
Margie Adam is making the best music of her career. The political passions are banked deeply in her music, but so is a kind maturity and a sure, real-life romanticism. Her melodies are graceful and inviting, her voice honest, relaxed, lovely, her piano spacious and sophisticated.

George Winston, pianist
Soon and Again is a great and personal album.

From the crystalline, uncluttered simplicity of “Beautiful Soul/Tender Lady” to the thoughtful, Satie-like “Tenderland” to the wistful “Heritage,” each track on Soon and Again carries the honest beauty of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting and the emotional punch of a Flannery O’Connor short story.

Janis Ian, singer-songwriter
If I could play piano like Margie Adam, I wouldn’t have to bother singing.

Washington Post
Adam has struck a powerful new musical balance, weighing the opposing pull of emotion and intellect. Neither dominates her songwriting as she sorts out matters of the heart and mind.

Ronnie Gilbert, singer, actor, playwright
Margie calls out with fervor and wit to the compassion and spirit among women. The sound of her voice, lovelier than ever, lingers in the ear long after the performance is ended.

Susan Griffin, author of “Women and Nature,” “Chorus of Stones,” “What Her Body Thought”
Margie’s voice is like crème brûlée, even softer and stronger and sweeter and more resonant than before. And her old wizardry with lyrics continues.

Philadelphia Inquirer
Her voice is warmer and stronger than ever on Another Place. Expect “Long Haul”, which celebrates and offers supports to those who fight for freedom, to become an anthem for social change.

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, activists, authors of “Lesbian/ Woman
Margie is back! With a bounce, fresh passion, a zest for life and a new album of heart-touching songs, she is definitely in Another Place. This is a sort of renewal, not only for Margie, but for us, too.