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News Release – October 14, 2002
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Interview with Margie Adam

San Francisco – Margie Adam, a nationally acclaimed founder of the Women’s Music genre and recognized leader among feminist activists, embarks this month on a new direction, fusing her music and activism with spiritual investigation.

The accomplished musician and organizer launches her new work as an improvisational composer and labyrinth facilitator in San Francisco appearances. The labyrinth is an ancient walking meditation tool known by some as a path to introspection, healing or prayer. For others, it is simply an opportunity to quiet the mind and open the heart. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has only one path to the center and back out again.

Bringing the Labyrinth to Communities –

Adam will speak, share her music and facilitate labyrinth walks during the fall season in a series of events held in diverse community settings, including women’s health, progressive spirituality and lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered services. That the new focus for her work has emerged during the months subsequent to September 11th events and their violent aftermath has not escaped her attention.

“Each of us is being called by world circumstances to raise her voice, to offer whatever resources she has to resist violence and hatred. Walking the labyrinth has grounded my work and released amazing energy in me, integrating my activism and spirituality in new ways,” Adam said.

Musical Expression and the Labyrinth –

In addition to leading discussions about spirituality, activism and the labyrinth, at some events Adam also performs, during the labyrinth walk, a program of solo piano music from her extensive original repertoire. The piano instrumental selections are weaved together with improvisational moments unique to each performance.

“Watching people walk the labyrinth while I’m improvising is one of the most remarkable experiences of my career – truly transporting,” Adam said. “Accompanying those who walk as they move along the path, as they encounter each other in this simple metaphor for community, fills me with hope.”

Adam talks about the progression of her artistic journey that began in the fields of the first Michigan Women’s Music Festival in 1974 and continues today as she explores the complexity of the labyrinth experience. “The labyrinth has become a place to find solid ground, to unwind and then gather myself so I can step back into the work I’m doing with clarity and an open heart,” Adam said.

New Direction Combines Activism and Spirituality –

With more than 25 years experience in entertainment and political organizing, Adam recognizes the significance of her shift in focus and meaning in her life’s work.

“Although I’m a little surprised to find myself at this particular place – speaking directly about an aspect of my work that has always been quietly imbedded in the music – I know I am joining a growing circle of effective people who have committed themselves to integrating activism and spirituality for the sake of healing, peace and justice.”

Labyrinth Collaboration –

Adam’s encounters with the labyrinth began in 1997 at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. “I walked it every six months or so for four years while slowly reading Lauren Artress’ book, Walking A Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth a Spiritual Tool,” she says. “I realize now I was very gradually being drawn into this extraordinary practice.” The impact of the labyrinth finally surfaced in the title song of her new recording, Avalon, on Pleiades Records, and led to collaboration with Artress, creator and founder of Veriditas, The World-Wide Labyrinth Project, and Canon for Special Ministries at Grace Cathedral.

“It’s a joy to share with Margie Adam this next and crucial step in her life’s work. The labyrinth has grabbed many of us up by the scruff of our necks and put us on a steep learning curve. We are called to focus our gifts in service to healing, peace and justice during this time of planetary struggle. Margie is articulate, committed and focused on helping women and men find clarity, accountability and strength for the long journey ahead of each of us,” Artress said of her work with Adam.

Upcoming Performances –

Adam’s fall schedule to date has included coordinating an open labyrinth walk at the grand opening of the new UCSF Women’s Health Center on Sutter Street in San Francisco (September 21st) and an interview and facilitated walk at the recently opened Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center on Market Street (September 22nd). On November 2nd, Adam joins with Artress for an evening of conversation, music and the labyrinth at the historic Grace Cathedral located on Nob Hill.

At The Edge: A Conversation Between Seeker and Activist –

On Saturday, November 2nd, Adam and Artress co-host a special labyrinth event at Grace Cathedral, At the Edge: A Conversation Between Seeker and Activist. Presented in conversational format punctuated with Adam’s songs, Artress’ storytelling and a facilitated labyrinth walk, the discussion will explore key ideas and questions: Where are the intersections of spirituality and activism? Of personal work and community involvement? What are the dynamics of “being called” to one’s creative and activist work in the world? Participants will be invited to a candlelit labyrinth walk in the cathedral accompanied by Adam’s performance of solo piano compositions and improvisation.

Margie Adam’s The Avalon Project –

Launched in January of 2001 in conjunction with the release of the Margie Adam cd Avalon, The Avalon Project is a fusion of culture and community. During its first year, The Avalon Project included musical performances and community conversations celebrating and galvanizing feminist awareness in music lovers across the country. In 2002, The Avalon Project continues to evolve online, currently bringing together writers with feminist and progressive perspectives. As future initiatives of The Avalon Project are developed, Margie Adam will continue to bring the labyrinth to local communities and national audiences.

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