“Avalon is for those of us who hold a woman-loving vision, cupping the flame with our hearts and hands.” – Margie Adam

Musical notes graphic Avalon* 4:25  
Musical notes graphic I’ll Be Right Over 4:45  
Musical notes graphic Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 3:56  
  Woman of My Heart 4:17  
  Eyrie (piano) 4:50  
Musical notes graphic A Woman’s Work Is Never Done 4:45  
  Woman In The Mirror 4:05  
Musical notes graphic Waves*(instrumental) 2:56  
Make Believe 3:08  
Musical notes graphic Watch For Me 3:40  
  Avalon (piano) 4:50  


Avalon CD cover

Graphic Design: Leslie Speer; Photography: Marcia Lieberman

This is a grateful record. It focuses on the tough and sweet stuff of daily life, acknowledging that simple gestures can be beautiful, and unnoticed tasks, pivotal.

Never before has Margie fused so many distinct emotions so seamlessly. “The mind-body-spirit connexion is the most empowering electrical current there is,” she has said. If it’s possible to literally transpose a mantra into song and melody, Adam has done just that on Avalon.

Executive Producer: Kerry Lobel; Producer: Margie Adam; Sound Engineer: Stephen Hart; Graphic Design: Leslie Speer; Photography: Marcia Lieberman; Musicians: Margie Adam (vocals, piano), Diane Lindsay (electric bass), Melanie DeMore (background vocals), Freyda Epstein (violin, viola, background vocals), Mary Fettig (soprano, alto flute; alto, tenor sax), Sue Fink (background vocals), Barbara Higbie (violin), Libby McLaren (background vocals), Michelle Sell (harp), Jeanette Wrate (drums, percussion, vibraphone)