From We Shall Go Forth!
Words and Music by Margie Adam

Standing alone
Must you be so solitary
It isn’t necessary
To number all your wrongs
Hard on yourself
Must you be so unforgiving
Blaming yourself for living
A less than perfect life

You’ve just got to ease up
Let yourself give you a break
Everyone makes mistakes
How come you think you’re immune now?
Give you a break

Have a little compassion for yourself
After all you know you’re the best friend
You’ll ever have
You are the best friend
You’ll ever have.

Isn’t it true
Changes come in spite of worry
Doesn’t matter how we hurry
All things have their time
And isn’t true
Happiness is worth pursuing
Anyway that’s what we’re doing
Each in our own way.

© Labyris Music Co. 1979

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