The quiet hum of spirit that has resonated in Margie’s music from Songwriter through Avalon has now surfaced full force in PORTAL, a 2-disc CD/DVD set.

  Avalon 4:27  
  Tenderland 3:22  
Musical notes graphic Resting Place 5:25  
Musical notes graphic Heritage 4:19  
  Beautiful Soul/Tender Lady 5:48  
Musical notes graphic Seahorse 4:10  
For All The Times 3:51  
Eyrie (piano) 4:48  
Woodland 4:23  
Musical notes graphic Avalon-Remix (instrumental) 7:00  



Graphic Design: Lucille Design

Callanish Stones
“Sustaining ourselves as we work for lasting social change means tapping into a deeper wisdom. This is what I have encountered in the Callanish Stones.” — Margie Adam

Portal, a 2-disc cd/dvd Set

This new work combines the rich contemplative core of her piano solo music with a surprising new visual element of her artistic sensibility: photography set in motion.

The compilation cd Portal, brings together ten solo piano performances with clear melodies, lush chord color and mesmerizing polyrhythms from Naked Keys, Soon and Again and her last release, Avalon. These pieces have emerged as the soundscape for Margie’s work with the labyrinth.

Portal to Avalon is a 7-minute dvd program playable on a television or computer screen. This “eyes open” meditation is a transporting interaction between subtly choreographed photography and mesmerizing music which creates a still space in the midst of a noisy world. With this audio-visual art piece, Margie has tapped into an organic relationship between the imagery of the ancient Callanish Stones found in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and the newly arranged instrumental “Avalon.” (Read more about Margie’s journey to Scotland and the Callanish Stones.)


Photography & Music: Margie Adam; Executive Producer: Margie Adam; Associate Producer: Donna A. Korones; Sound Engineer: Stephen Hart; DVD Editor: T.M. Christopher; Graphic Design: Lucille Design; Musicians: Margie Adam (piano) +Diane Lindsay (bass) ++Mary Fettig (soprano saxophone), Diane Lindsay (bass), Jeanette Wrate (percussion)